How "security aware" are you? Let's find out!

Your proprietary information is at risk every day. Data breaches cost money, customers, and even market share. Unfortunately, many breaches result from a lack of awareness of the security risks by employees and other trusted insiders inherent in their actions online, in social media, at work and at home.


Awareness must become a self-cultivating habit that stretches across three dimensions:

  • Engaging: create memorable scenarios that spark vivid decision-making.
  • Measurable: implement periodic quizzes to reinforce learning and benchmark progress.
  • Evolving: just as cybersecurity defense strategies must adapt, so too must security awareness training be continually refreshed.

To begin an effective security awareness program, it helps to know where you and your teams stand. Share this quiz and make use of the other resources that came in this toolkit. If you still have questions, contact our Security Awareness Services team here at Symantec.

Test your security awareness.

Every day cyber criminals are testing your organization's defenses. You and your colleagues are on the front lines. Take this 3-minute quiz to see if you can stop them from getting through.